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PO Box 244, Chardon, Ohio 44024

Tel: 440-285-4641 

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The Parish of St Luke is pleased to host Jump Start Preschool to our building.  
Please check out their website,, 
or call at (440) 552-8527, or e~mail:
Giving at St Luke's.

During the current Covid-19 shut down, you may be looking for a way to conveniently continue stewardship support for the parish of St Luke.
By clicking the following link,

On-Line giving tool  

you will be taken to a web page for the diocese of Ohio where you will find a secure form.  By using a drop down box under, "Designate my gift," you will find our parish listed as "St Luke, Chardon."   After completing the form all funds designated to St Luke will be forwarded to the parish at the conclusion of the month.  Many thanks for your continued and faithful support for the parish of St Luke.  

for those who are seeking deeper spiritual development and discipleship.
Monthly Community Meal at St Luke's.

We will begin our community meal when we can do so safely.

You can also join us for worship at 10:15 on this or any Sunday morning.  
P.O. BOX 244, 

TEL.  440-285-4641


10:15 AM
 Adult Forum
C.S. Lewis on Christianity 

Fr Chris is inviting you to a discussion on 
Sunday mornings, beginning on October 16, 
at 9:10 am on the Hillsdale College course, 
C.S. Lewis On Christianity.  A second class 
will meet on Wednesday mornings at 10 am, 
which will be especially good for those who 
cannot come to church early on Sundays.  
Format of classes: The format requires independent learning: You will enroll 
in the course and either before or after viewing the lecture for each week, read the suggested material. We will not view the lectures during Sunday Morning or Wednesday, so you need to come, having done some work at home. Sundays and Wednesdays will be reserved for discussions on the lecture and the readings.  

How to start: First, you need to register through Hillsdale and at no cost to you by entering into the browser the following link  

Or, you may find it easier to do a search using your browser for, 
 Hillsdale College online Courses, and look for the online course 
tab at the top of the page. At the bottom of that page you will find
 a box to enter your email. Once you have done that, select 
'Enroll Now.'  From there follow the directions to register and 
please remember to make note of your username and password 
when you first enroll.   

We will be reading widely among Lewis's classics through the autumn. Copies of the first week readings are available on the foyer table next to the entrance. C.S. Lewis can be dense, but you will find that the lectures are helpful in understanding the material we are considering.  

C.S. Lewis is considered one of the greatest Christian writers of modern time, and his continued popularity lends weight to this assessment.  we hope this becomes an opportunity to take a deeper and more serious look at the claims of the Christian faith and the revelation of God's love.  Many thanks to Hillsdale College for making this tremendous resource available to the church.