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The Science Success Program
“Unlocking The Future, One Teacher At A Time”

Collaboration between the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and the Anglican Diocese of Belize

  • Science Lead Teachers
  • Professional Pen Pals
  • St. Luke’s Belize Science Lead Teacher Small Grant Program

For more information about the above programs please contact:Dr. Matthew Teare at
St. Luke’s Belize Professional Pen Pal’s List

Doug Dolan        Ruth DeMastry
Deb Dyer            Matthew Teare
Kate Witosky

St. Luke’s Belize Lead Teacher Small Grant Committee List 

Debby Blackley           Johanna Davison  
Ruth DeMastry            Donna Gakusick  
Matthew Teare            Mamie Tompkins
Kate Witosky
Key Players Of The Science Success Program

Rev. Beth Frank (Ohio) 

Rev. David Kendall-Sperry (Ohio) 

Deborah Domingo (Belize) General Manager Anglican Schools

Allana Gillett (Belize) Assistance to D. Domingo

Rev. Chris McCann  The Priest at my (Matt’s) home church - St. Luke of Chardon Ohio 

8 committee members of the St. Luke Church Small Grant Committee 

15 Professional Pen Pals (P3’s) 13 from our churches in Ohio and 2 grads from CSU

26 Science Lead Teachers in Belize. They are being trained to teach science in their classrooms and to become leaders of Science Education in their buildings.

Dr. Matthew Teare (Ohio) 440-321-1926 
St Luke’s Small Grant winners for the March 2017 round:

Jolleen Arnold, The Human Body

Ayoni Esquillano, Edible Garden

Akita Genus, School Science Fair

Felomena Serano, Microscope Project

Belize Science Summer Camp, July 2017

A four day camp for 75 elementary students consenting of 16 fun science based camp like activities. 

The camp will be led by 4 Belize teachers and 4 Ohio teachers. 

The camp cost is $200.00 per student ($50.00 a day).

For more information about the camp or to sponsor a child contact Matthew Teare at